We act responsibly

We recognise the impact on the environment thata our trips cause , so we ensure they are designed and carried out responsibly to maximize positive benefits which include;

  • We work in Partnership with grass root projects within the local communities.
  • Encourage people to enjoy an adventure as well as spend time sharing and helping in the local community.
  • We support local communities by employing locally thus maximising internal investment.
  • Work with local projects to provide an environment where we can learn form each others experiences.
  • Give something back t the community, by working together with our clients and the local people we visit to ensure the benefits go
  • directly to contribute to local culture and environment conservation.

What we have done

  • Recruited and involved local people wherever possible.
  • Supported and preferred to work directly with local businesses, services and individuals.
  • Sourced our supplies and equipment locally where possible.
  • Aimed to work and treat the traveller, local community and business in a fair and just manner.
  • Where practical but not intrusive, we accommodate our clients as guests of local families.