Health & Safety

We endeavour to reduce the of risk to health and safety as far as practically possible. African Adventure holidays has in place the following procedures in place;

We have strong relationships with local and national health care facilities in Uganda should any assistance be required resulting from an incident or situation. Our clients are assured that they are never alone and always have someone to turn to in the immediate location. Our principles and ethos are paramount to our company’s excellent safety record.

Provision of relevant health and safety information before you arrive to your destination.

  • All clients are advised to contact their doctors or travel clinics to ascertain the most recent information on the immunisations and prophylactic medications required before entering the country of their destination.
  • Specific information is also provided, both written and verbal, on necessary equipment for activities such as trekking, climbing, medical work, teaching and safari’s. We also give you information on local politics and culture of the areas your are visiting.
  • Information is also given on all our projects and trips regarding social responsibility. People’s role and responsibility in their new society is explained, as clients will often be immersed in delicate cultures, which can easily be upset through ignorance or through what is socially acceptable behaviour in clients home country.

Ensuring that appropriate staff are employed on the safaris and locations we operate and that they are trained in safe operating procedures.

  • All staff have to go through an on- site induction, which includes training in the relevant procedures.
  • Auditing of operating procedure is done on a regular trip basis in each region. Meetings with relevant staff are held to identify problems and make improvements.

Identification of the risks associated with activities and locations, and developments of measures to minimise these risks.

  • Risk assessments are produced for all our locations. This covers activities undertaken, and residentially associated risks.
  • All staff are required to consult these reports before visiting a new location or undertaking a new activity or participating in task. The risk assessments are continually evaluated and updated.

Development and implementation of safe operating procedures for each of the activities undertaken.

  • Procedures to ensure trekking teams remain in contact with all the members of the group are practised and there is always a staff member present with very group.
  • Additional procedures cover activities such as safe driving, hygiene,swimming and many other aspects of trips.
    Great Lake safaris has strong relationships with guides, porters and National Park Authorities governing safe operating procedures and contingency plans should a situation arise.
  • Great Lakes Safaris does not outsource and always uses it’s own main staff who have been taught by the company to act, think and be safe and aware at all times.

Ensuring there are adequate communication, medical and evacuation procedures in position

  • All transportation is carried out by our own staff. On the odd occasion where this is not possible they are met at either end of their journey and given emergency phone numbers and always use approved and safe vehicles.
  • All teams have to carry a First Aid kit with them.
  • There are hospitals with good facilities for all possible injuries in all of the regions we operate in.
  • In all areas where we work communication is possible by either mobile, or landline phone. Our teams have the applicable numbers and equipment to ensure a quick solution to any situation.
  • All clients upon arrival are given a general health and safety briefing.