Our Team

Our Team consists of well travelled professionals , who have first hand experience. We are proud to provide a friendly and knowledgeable travel experience and customer service.

Amos Wekesa – CEO

as well as Tour Manager and Field Guide will answer all your burning questions and provide information about all your tour interests.

Started his carrier in the industry after his graduation from the IATA Institute with a Diploma in Tours and Travel after Amos1 which he studied an Advanced Diploma in Tour Consultancy. Born and raised in the Eastern part of Uganda under the guardianship of a Scottish lady – Joan Linanker in the Salvation Army Home for the less privileged children. He strongly believes in Christian principles, speaks English, Swahili, Gishu, and many other local languages of Uganda. He has been a tour guide on long trips running for up to 21 days stretching across East Africa and has worked in this industry for the last 15 years. This is what Amos has to say:

“Looking at the ever growing attractions and the God given natural beauty of Uganda I have every confidence that the tourism industry in Uganda has kicked off and I must say a couple of years from today the story will be very different…..
Having been on various safaris in Uganda and East Africa as a whole I am convinced that Uganda is truly the Pearl Of Africa. I remember a client who left my country with drops of tears coming off her face mesmerized at the incredible beauty Uganda. Come and check it out for yourself you will believe what I am saying…………. Karibuni!!”

Juddy Otti-Olunga – UK representative

Over 20 years experience in the Tour and Travel industry, after living and working in the Ugandan tourism market, I have very good knowledge of the East African region, and would like to bring this experience to the European market.

I live in the United Kingdom, married with two Children and enjoy travelling and experiencing different adventures.

I have a Masters and Degree in Business Administration and several other qualification which together give me a good foundation to make this business a success.

I am passionate about encouraging an environment of responsible tourism to the East African region where all parties benefit.

Miranda Bekkers – Marketing Manager

Although I am not a Ugandan citizen, I have the same passion and fascination for this country as my colleagues. I was born and raised in the Netherlands, where I studied at the NHTV Breda University of Professional Education and gained working experience at several Dutch tour operators.

Before my move to Uganda in September 2005, my friends asked me why I wanted to in a Third World country. But that is not the way I see it. Through my eyes Uganda is an unmatched rich country when it comes to scenery, wildlife and culture. Above all, the hospitality and friendliness of the people is heart-warming. And as I have travelled a lot and visited many countries in Europe, Asia and Latin America, I can say from my own experience: Uganda is truly a gift of nature!
Great Lakes Safari Guides

An experienced and dedicated team of drivers and safari guides has always been a great asset for Great Lakes Safaris. It is a young and energetic team, born and raised in different parts of the country and with working experience from various business areas. Some of them have a long history with the company, others joined Great Lakes Safaris only a year ago.

But they also have a lot in common. Each of them is dedicated to conservation and committed to the work as a safari guide. With detailed knowledge of flora and fauna, excellent driving skills, flexibility and a generous smile, you will be welcomed and guided around. They will share their knowledge with openness and a touch of humour. Personal memories of your safari are created when showing you a hidden viewpoint, teaching you a local song or telling you a typical story.

And at the end of your safari, you will notice that they have not only been an excellent tour guide but have become a dear friend as well!

Each guide of GLS has an extensive knowledge of the region in which the company operates. They are all adept in their knowledge of the flora and fauna of Uganda and through their experience they can choose the best spots in the country to visit for each particular need. They have experience ranging from regular touring to mountaineering, sport fishing and bird watching.