Great Lakes Safaris as a company are in our opinion the best we saw operating in Uganda. Other people we met travelling with them confirmed this and observation and conversation with people travelling with other companies showed very varied levels of satisfaction; you are using the best! With a brilliant bird guide! (his name was Peter).

Mr and Mrs Savage, UK – June 2014

Just returned from our holiday with a group from the UK. Your guides Emma, Peter and Omar were fantastic. They were cheerful, polite, well organised and extremely knowledgeable on wildlife and all aspects of Uganda. They played a major role in making this one of the best trips we have ever done. Thank you!

Mr and Mrs Adcock, UK – January 2014

We had the most AMAZING holiday ever!!!! Thank you so much for arranging everything – everyone looked after us so well and I wanted to ask you to please pass on my thanks to all the lodges for making us feel so welcome and making our time in Uganda so special!

I also wanted to say a massive thanks to you, for all the work you done on our trip. Rich also asked me to pass on his thanks, this was his first visit to Uganda and we both agree it is by far our favorite country in Africa. We are a little sad to be home!

Anyway, once again a huge thanks for everything!

Mr and Mrs Piccini, UK – December 2013

We just wanted to pass on the feedback that we had a fantastic time and much of the credit for this has to go to our guide Robert. He was great in both his capacities as driver and guide. As a driver he always made us feel safe at all times. Some of the other drivers on the road were a bit crazy (particularly the buses and taxis!) but we never felt uncomfortable. I could see that Robert never took any chances, and was prepared to wait to overtake rather than overtake where there wasn’t a full, clear view of the road ahead. He always put safety first and that took any tension out of the long days on the road. He was also great at negotiating the unpaved roads, making sure the ‘massage’ wasn’t too hard.

In terms of guiding he told us everything and more than we expected. His knowledge of the wildlife, particularly the bird species, was incredible and was always able to recognise the type of bird we were looking at and quickly find it in the guidebook. Extras like having the bird calls on his phone were also appreciated. He also taught us about the culture of the country, which was particularly nice given we were travelling at Christmas time and we could learn about how Christmas is celebrated out in the Ugandan countryside.

Always on time, always smart, always good fun, he wasn’t overpowering and left us with time for our thoughts when needed. All in all superb and I would recommend him as a guide to anyone thinking of heading over to Uganda. We had a fantastic time in the short period we were there and have some great memories. It was a packed itinerary, sometimes tiring, but whenever we were flagging we got great bursts of energy from the next activity on the list. Lodges and food exceeded our expectations and the general hospitality everywhere was fantastic. Thanks for the great trip!

Mr and Mrs Boyland, UK – December 2013

Our guide/driver, Henry was made the trip. He was calm, relaxed, knowledgeable, good company and with a great sense of humour. He also was a very safe driver, which is pretty important out there.

Everything lived up to expectations; we even found my old house! We saw lots of game although the leopards proved to be too elusive for us) and over 120 species of birds. Needless to say it was Henry who spotted them first and identified them. Thanks again for putting the trip together at such short notice.

Mr and Mrs Jordan, UK – October/November 2013

Just to let you know we’re back and have had the most amazing time! Still can’t quite believe all we’ve seen, done and experienced! Far too much to mention now but I just wanted to thank you for all your help and sensible advice -everything went perfectly.

The gorilla trek was beyond amazing. We were so lucky and only had to trek for about an hour before our amazing gorilla encounter. Just unbelievable! Being in such close proximity to those amazing, gentle giants is surreal. Walking back down the mountain after our experience was a piece of cake – we were all walking on air!

Our stay at the wonderful Engagi Lodge was just the icing on the cake. Outstanding lodge, amazing location, delicious food and wonderfully friendly staff. It was the staff at the lodge who ‘encouraged’ us to use a porter and provided us, free of charge, with a stick for the trek – both of which we definitely needed!!

The whole trip – chimp trekking, the lodges, food, our driver/guide (Robert), lions, elephants, aardvarks, bush babies, horse riding, night safari (just the things I can remember off the top of my head!) – was outstanding! We returned home exhausted but exhilarated! We still haven’t come back down to earth!!!

E. Crook, UK – September 2013

I have just returned from the holiday of a life time from a country which I was unaware had so much to offer.

Uganda has something to appeal to every traveller, and Great Lakes Safaris provide a professional and comfortable means of taking in the sights and experiencing things that some can only dream of.

Travelling alone I was concerned that conversation may be difficult, but my guide Henry was warm, welcoming and very friendly. His knowledge of the wildlife and various locations had no bounds and I felt as though we had known each other for many years rather than days, allowing me to feel relaxed and amazed by the sights, sounds and smells that my journey brought me.

All of the accommodation was of an excellent standard along with the food, staff and over all service – It would be unfair to pick a favorite. However, I can say that the highlight of my trip was tracking the Gorillas of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. The trek to see them was hard going; with steep slopes providing most of the path way, but it was worth every huff, puff and struggle to see these magnificent creatures.

I can assure you that the hour you spend with the Gorilla family will be the fastest moving of your life – resist the urge to live the experience through your camera and take in the behavior and actions of these animals with your own eyes, you’ll regret it if you don’t!

The whole of my trip ran without any issues what so ever; I can honestly say that without the helpfulness and friendly nature of my guide, I would not have been able to truly take in the wonders that Uganda has to offer. I would recommend the use of Great Lakes Safaris to any other travelers.

E. Iles, UK – June 2013

Many thanks for organising our successful FAM trip to Uganda. It was my first visit to the country and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the accommodation, food and guiding. The roads were better than expected and pockets of game were good. The primates were outstanding as was the scenery and friendliness of the people. The long distances were a challenge and some of the lodge management needs improving, but these are relatively small things.

Please pass my thanks and congratulations to Noel for his patience and good driving, he was very good.

Mr Crossely, FAM trip Kamili Safaris, UK – March 2013

Our trip lived up to and exceeded our expectations: the agent was excellent, and our Driver/Guide Ben was 100% efficient and very knowledgeable about Wildlife, Birds, Trees and Crops and Uganda Society and Customs. We had a wonderful day getting to and seeing the Mountain Gorillas (very much the highlight), and many other fascinating Game Drives in Reserves.

Mr Tyler, UK – February 2013

We would like to say what a fantastic time your company organised for us. Dancan then Angel were extremely attentive to my endless questions in formulating the plan which worked perfectly surpassing expectations. Gerald our guide was superb – so knowledgeable, so helpful and so pleasant to be with for three weeks.

Your team provided us with a holiday of a lifetime for which we are very grateful. Please pass on our thanks.

C. Singer, UK – February 2013