Mr and Mrs Boyland, UK – December 2013

We just wanted to pass on the feedback that we had a fantastic time and much of the credit for this has to go to our guide Robert. He was great in both his capacities as driver and guide. As a driver he always made us feel safe at all times. Some of the other drivers on the road were a bit crazy (particularly the buses and taxis!) but we never felt uncomfortable. I could see that Robert never took any chances, and was prepared to wait to overtake rather than overtake where there wasn’t a full, clear view of the road ahead. He always put safety first and that took any tension out of the long days on the road. He was also great at negotiating the unpaved roads, making sure the ‘massage’ wasn’t too hard.

In terms of guiding he told us everything and more than we expected. His knowledge of the wildlife, particularly the bird species, was incredible and was always able to recognise the type of bird we were looking at and quickly find it in the guidebook. Extras like having the bird calls on his phone were also appreciated. He also taught us about the culture of the country, which was particularly nice given we were travelling at Christmas time and we could learn about how Christmas is celebrated out in the Ugandan countryside.

Always on time, always smart, always good fun, he wasn’t overpowering and left us with time for our thoughts when needed. All in all superb and I would recommend him as a guide to anyone thinking of heading over to Uganda. We had a fantastic time in the short period we were there and have some great memories. It was a packed itinerary, sometimes tiring, but whenever we were flagging we got great bursts of energy from the next activity on the list. Lodges and food exceeded our expectations and the general hospitality everywhere was fantastic. Thanks for the great trip!